Professional Video and Photography


We take pride in filming enduring images that capture the real character and essence of the subject.


Create professional looking promotional videos, interviews and adverts. Capture footage of your big events, products or behind-the-scenes footage to create unique videos to help convey your message.


High quality photographs can help to sell your product or services, or to celebrate key events. We specialise in headshot and portrait photography as well as in-the-field capture of live events.

Why Partner with us...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... so it's worth getting the images you really want!
Big value productions at an affordable budget

Today's society is more media savvy and discerning than ever before. Images and video can be incredibly powerful in setting the tone and describing the content of your message and that's why more and more people are turning to professional services to help craft these visual elements. While it is tempting to think that anyone with a smartphone or DSLR camera can take photographs or video, crafting your message properly usually requires careful planning for lighting and sound.

We understand that not all our clients have huge flexible budgets to allocate to videos and photo shoots, and we work hard to find a tailored solution to each customer's needs. We have different setups that can be employed depending on the circumstances. Need a documentary style promotional video - we can set up studio lights or use gimbals and rigs out in the field to follow people around. Need some different angles or perspectives? No problem - we have a range of aerial drones capable of shooting 4k footage.

We are not aiming to take on Hollywood - but we are able to help our clients create content that they can be proud of.


    Some video shots require specialised equipment to get just the right shot. We have jibs, gimbals, steadicams and sliders to help get just the right shots!


    Sometimes to get a unique perspective, you need aerial shots! We have a range of drones capable of carrying various cameras for that very special footage or photo.


    Interviews and documentaries take more than just technical equipment. To tease out the essence of the subject, we work hard to put people at ease.


    We specialise in headshots and portraits, as well as capturing special events.

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